lords mobile free gems Guide

How To Earn Free Gems in Lords Mobile

Gems are the premium in-game currency in Lords Mobile which you can use to buy premium items. Grinding for gems could be a tough task and you need to spend them wisely. If you can use the coins, then just save your gems. You can top-up your gems through in-app purchases but you can actually earn free gems in Lords Mobile. Grinding could be stressful because so many players use one method instead of elaborating on several ways. Check our guides below and bank more free gems in Lords Mobile more effectively.

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Unlocking Treasure Trove and Making A Deposit

Treasure Trove is undoubtedly the most eligible in-game source of free gems if you can manage it. It’s basically a bank where you can deposit your gems and get the interests to banked back to your account. The mechanic is linear which means more gem deposits will give you more gem interest. Furthermore, you can even upgrade Treasure Trove to extend the deposit limit and increase the interest rate. You can potentially earn up to 20,000 gems per month with this method. Treasure Trove can be unlocked at Castle level 17.

Boosting Your Rank at Colosseum

Lords Mobile’s Colosseum accommodates thousands if it’s not millions of players around the world. The game value the competition by giving free gems to players based on your current rank. You may have to unlock particular heroes to boost your rank constantly. In a circle period of three hours, free gems are rewarded to players in the scoped rank(usually top 5000). If you can maintain your position well, then you can multiply gems for every three hours, not bad at all.

Completing Events

As you might have known that Lords Mobile has a range of events in the game. Some of those events are eligible sources of free gems as long as you can complete the tasks. These include collecting guild points or hunting rare monsters and so forth. You can potentially earn hundreds of gems by completing these in-game events. The good news is that some events are repetition and you can always find insights to complete the challenge online.

Hunting Down The Monsters

You wouldn’t have to wait for any specific events to hunt the monster for gems. You can simply go through the map and hunt them down. The gem rewards may vary for every activity but as previously mentioned, rare monsters are likely giving you more free gems to get. It should be noted that you may gain other types of resources when hunting down the monsters.

Claiming Mystery Box and Guild Gifts

There are two major gifts in Lords Mobile: The Mystery Box, and Guild Gifts. Claim them all and open whenever they’re available. They may give you a considerable amount of gems you can bank straightly to your Lords Mobile balance.

Compensation on Maintenance

It’s not actually a method but more like a situation where you can get more diamond for free. Whenever you can’t log in due to server maintenance, they’ll compensate for your inconvenience with valuables including gems. Well, you can treat this method as regular way to earn gems but if you’re experiencing one, don’t forget to claim them. It should be noted that the number of gems compensated to you may vary for every period of maintenance.