Learn Your Heroes in Lords Mobile

One of the common mistakes of playing the Lords Mobile is that the players ignore to check their heroes gradually. Actually, you can simply tap your Hero and comprehensive information will be provided to you in three tabs. If you tap three times, you’ll be to check your Hero’s background as well as the attributes. There will be valuable information which can be used to improve your play. These include:

1. Hero Rank, Symbol, and Attribute.

The Hero Rank on this page can be found in the top left corner while the top right corner is occupied with the type of Hero’s attribute for sure. The ranks are identified with different colors but you can always easily see the number. The attribute types include the AGI Hero, INT Hero, and STR Hero.

2. Experience(EXP)

It also informs you with the EXP earned by your hero through the EXP Bar. Each time you’ve got enough EXP, you’ll level up and the bar informs you with the EXP required. Despite EXP, there is also Might information which measure how you mighty your hero is. The system converts the bar and number based on current stats including your skills, equipment, rank, grade, control, and so forth.

3. Equipment

One of the most important information in Lords Mobile is, of course, the equipment. There will be an equipment sub-tab which navigates to equipment page as you tap it. You’ll be informed with the item description and how many in the stack by far. You can see the equipment should be owned for your Hero and fuse the equipment through this screen for sure. You can equip your Hero with up to six units of the equipment. Each time you complete the slots, your Hero is eligible to Rank up promotion in a countdown timer.

4. Medals

The tab also informs you with the medals you’ve earned for your Hero. Collecting the medals can enhance your Heroes grade to the higher. Heroes with the higher grade will possess a greater Might stats which means more power. With this information, you can always be reminded and motivated to collect more medals for your Heroes so you can also improve the medals.

You can visit this tab any time you want but it’s suggested to check it regularly. Checking is also a must when you’re planning an invasion so you can evaluate how prepared your kingdom. This way, you can find aspects which you should enhance and work on.

lords mobile builgings Guide

Lords Mobile Building Guide: Castle

In the Lords Mobile Gameplay, Castle is one of the basic buildings yet the most important one. Along with the Castle, there are also other basic buildings including the Infirmary, Castle Wall, Vault, Barracks, and Watchtower. Here is what you should know about the Castle in Lords Mobile so you can improve your play:


You can definitely upgrade your Castle to gain advantages for your kingdom. First, by upgrading Castle, you’ll be able to unlock other new buildings as well as their specific features. Second, by upgrading the Castle regularly, it’s potentially possible for you to earn resource more depending on the current stats. Third, you can also extend the maximum level of your buildings and so the other buildings’ progress would depend on the upgrades you’ve performed for your Castle. The last but not least, by upgrading your Castle, it will enhance the maximum number of soldiers you may have for your kingdom in the Lords Mobile gameplay.

At this point, Castle plays a central role in developing your kingdom especially when it’s highly related to other building and your armies for sure. That’s why it should be on your top priority as you’re going to spend resources to upgrade the building. In other hands, getting a higher level of Castle also expose your leader to captures and execution by other players.

2.Seeing Stats

Castle is pretty much like your “dashboard” building as you can use the Castle to see the stats of other elements by simply clicking your Castle in the gameplay. You can see the stats of your resources, soldiers, and of course, your Wall. As you’ve seen it provides you with vital information regarding the capacity of your kingdom to defend itself at the general. You can use this information to make a tactical decision regarding these elements.

3.Upgrade The Appearance

Despite upgrading by leveling up to get a higher stat, you can also upgrade the appearance of your Castle by applying skins. As you’ve increased your soldier’s stats or when you’ve significantly enhanced your resource productions in a period of time, you can get the skins as they give. If you want the skins so badly but don’t get it yet, you can simply purchase it through in-game store for sure. However, applying skins only change the Castle’s appearance but won’t provide any benefits like in the first point.