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Lords Mobile Farm

Farms are where you can produce the Food so you can fund the building and research. It plays a crucial role in your whole play. It’s because that Food is the main in-game currency in Lords Mobile so you can’t ignore the role of Farm. Here’s what you need to know about Farm in the Lords Mobile gameplay

1. The Food Production Capacity

As expected, the capacity of the Farm would be a determinant factor to your Food production rate. It also determines how many Food you can store after production. It’s true that banking Food is very important as it works as the currency following the consumption of construction, research, and other elements. Once the storage is full, you can’t continue the food production until it’s not. In other hands, as your kingdom grow and scale-up, you definitely need a higher capacity of Food production to support it.

2. Upgrade

You need to upgrade your Farm to extend the capacity so you can produce more Foods in a period of time. As you’re scaling up the costs would increase and there is no option except upgrading your farm. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not a resource, investing on Farm upgrades is very rational and reasonable. Of course, it also depends on the strategy of developing research, buildings, troops, and so forth.

The Upgrade consumes a certain amount of stone, timber, and Ore depending on the level. The higher level upgrade would cost you more but also provide a larger storage extension and food production. In addition, each Farm upgrade also increases your Might by some units depending on the upgrade level. In fact, there is no limit of when you’re going to in the gameplay, you can start by producing a lot of Food units for sure.

3. Consumption

Farm produce Food which is consumed for most pivotal developments. These include training your troops, installing traps through the wall, developing research technology, building constructions, upgrading and so forth. It’s quite fair that upgrading your Farm doesn’t cost you any Food. Once you’ve failed to manage your Farm, you’ll be failing to develop your play further. For example, even you’re not engaging with an alliance to conquer the kingdom and stay in your area, you’ll still need to maintain your wall and things inside it. Check your Food production regularly so you can also improve your play.

lords mobile infirmary Guide

Lords Mobile Building: Infirmary

The infirmary is like the hospital building in the Lords Mobile gameplay. It’s one of the basic buildings along with Castle, Castle Wall, Vault, Watch Tower, and Barrack. It plays a pivotal role inside your Wall. Here is what you need to know about Infirmary

1. Healing Property

As expected Infirmary performs healing properties as it operates at the gameplay. Infirmary heals more than half of your injured troops due to battle missions including War for Wonders, rallying, or even plain attacking and other battles outside your turf. In other hands, defenders are the ones which get injured over time due to the enemy’s aggression. Fortunately, Infirmary is also able to heal those injured defenders so they can get back to the post and defend your kingdom for sure. However, Infirmary isn’t able to heal the allied troops. That’s why you need to allocate troops to allied and non-allied troops.

2. Capacity

Despite its healing ability, Infirmary also performs by capacity. It’s very important to know that Infirmary can be full. Once your infirmary is full, you can no longer save those injured troops instead. They’ll be killed and not able to restore so you can simply lose them all. With this knowledge, you should check the flow of injured troops and the capacity of your infirmary. It should determine your actions in battling and producing the troops and anything which supports it.

3. Upgrades

You’ll start the game with Infirmary capacity by 80 units. Indeed, as your kingdom grows, the capacity of your Infirmary could be a problem as it would be easily overloaded. Fortunately, you can extend the capacity by upgrading your Infirmary so it can load injured troops and defenders more. Despite increasing the capacity, upgrading your Infirmary also increase the Might by certain units which is very reasonable since the healed troops and defenders will contribute to your overall power. Upgrading Infirmary cost yours with Food, Stone, Timber, and Ore which the amount would be higher following the higher level of Infirmary.

In the end, upgrading your Infirmary is inevitable in lords mobile hack as you need to extend your Might as well. At this point, you should manage your resource well so you can upgrade the basic buildings including Infirmary. Even though you extend the capacity, it doesn’t mean that you can relax, you still have to manage your troops and defenders. The basic buildings are usually the top priorities not only at the beginning of the game but still in the advanced plays.

lords mobile castle wall Guide

Why You Need to Upgrade Castle Wall in the…

Castle Walls is the pivotal basic building which is the major defense to Turf. You need to strengthen the Castle Walls by installing traps through the wall path. You’ll need to deploy your heroes in Castle walls to improve it with active defense for sure. Upgrading is also a must for Castle Walls in Lords Mobile for sure.

1. Enhance HP

Like your heroes, Castle Walls also has their HP. Even though the damaged Castle Walls will replenish by time, you’ll never know when the second invasion would be and whether your Castle Walls can survive or not. Upgrading allows you to enhance the HP by certain units depending on the current level.

2. Recovery Rate

As previously mentioned that the Castle Walls can restore overtime but it can take too long and it could be not ready for continuous aggression launched by the enemy’s allies. At this point, upgrading is inevitable as it would enhance the recovery rate which allows your Castle Walls to heal itself in higher units per period of time depending on the level. You would get your Castle Walls ready for such aggression with upgrading.

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3. Trap Capacity

You’ve known that you need to place the traps in your Castle Walls in order to prevent Turf passing the wall. However, the capacity of traps could be installed in the Castle Walls are actually limited by default. You can extend the capacity only by upgrading your Castle Walls to a higher level so you can install more traps in your Castle Walls. This way, you can have solid protection on your Castle Walls and it would ease the job of Heroes deployed there for defense mission.

4. Bonuses

One of the most interesting elements of Lords Mobile mod is the upgrading itself. It always involves a greater scale of effects which is reasonable since we’re required to manage many aspects in the gameplay. For instance, there are bonuses for certain upgrades like this Castle walls upgrade which provide you with Might bonus by certain units depending on the level for sure. These bonuses will never end and get bigger for the higher level of Castle Walls upgrades which would reach up to tens of million units in level 20+.

Castle Wall is the front-liner building which protects your kingdom. That’s why it’s categorized as the basic building which means the core building. Upgrading it will strengthen your kingdom so you can have a greater chance to survive allied and/or continuous invasions.

lords mobile monsters hunt Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Extra: Monster Hunt

If you get bored with building and fighting, join the Monster Hunt extra would refresh your play. Even though it’s categorized as extra, playing Monster Hunts is still related to the in-game elements including your upgrades, levels, energy, and resources.  Here is the guidelines for Monster Hunt

1. Guild

You’ll need to be in a guild so you can hunt the monsters. You’ll have to obtain the loots for each guildmate so you can successfully defeat the monster for sure. Looting may provide you with eligible resources and items so don’t waste this opportunity. It’s possible for you to get valuable items every time you play a monster hunt. Check also how to build a guild in lords mobile!

2. Ensure Energy Availability

It should be noted that playing Monster Hunt consumes your energy and the higher level means more energy to spend. If you’re in level 1, you’ll need to spend 3,000 units of energy. In level 2, hunt monster will consume 5,000 units of energy. You need to spend 8,000 units of energy to hunt the monster in level 3. In level 4, Monster Hunt will consume 14,000 units of energy, it’s almost two times. Basically, energy replenishes by 1,800 units for every one hour. However, you can enhance this replenishment rate or reduce energy consumption through research. Otherwise, you can use the consumable loots to replenish the energy. Upgrading(saver and limit) energy features are also advisable if you play Monster Hunt frequently.

3. Multiply the Damage

It’s better if you have more energy units for monster hunts. If you have double quantity units then you’re allowed to double the damage towards one monster based on the level. Besides, the excessive energy after the consumption in Monster Hunt wouldn’t be refunded. At this point, if you have excessive energy, multiplying the damage will also make your play more effective. It should be noted that the same monster might not die in your first hunt, so it’s better for you to play as effective as you can.

monster hunt gear

4. Hunter Recovery

A hunting party monster can only be involved in Monster Hunt once at any time except you’re hunting the same monster, it might have additional entries. It’s actually challenging to get it completed with a single monster hunter. If you want to stay longer in the hunting, you need to send the monster hunter into the hunter recovery to enhance its healing rate. This way, you can have a greater chance to complete your monster hunt.


Learn Your Heroes in Lords Mobile

One of the common mistakes of playing the Lords Mobile is that the players ignore to check their heroes gradually. Actually, you can simply tap your Hero and comprehensive information will be provided to you in three tabs. If you tap three times, you’ll be to check your Hero’s background as well as the attributes. There will be valuable information which can be used to improve your play. These include:

1. Hero Rank, Symbol, and Attribute.

The Hero Rank on this page can be found in the top left corner while the top right corner is occupied with the type of Hero’s attribute for sure. The ranks are identified with different colors but you can always easily see the number. The attribute types include the AGI Hero, INT Hero, and STR Hero.

2. Experience(EXP)

It also informs you with the EXP earned by your hero through the EXP Bar. Each time you’ve got enough EXP, you’ll level up and the bar informs you with the EXP required. Despite EXP, there is also Might information which measure how you mighty your hero is. The system converts the bar and number based on current stats including your skills, equipment, rank, grade, control, and so forth.

3. Equipment

One of the most important information in Lords Mobile is, of course, the equipment. There will be an equipment sub-tab which navigates to equipment page as you tap it. You’ll be informed with the item description and how many in the stack by far. You can see the equipment should be owned for your Hero and fuse the equipment through this screen for sure. You can equip your Hero with up to six units of the equipment. Each time you complete the slots, your Hero is eligible to Rank up promotion in a countdown timer.

4. Medals

The tab also informs you with the medals you’ve earned for your Hero. Collecting the medals can enhance your Heroes grade to the higher. Heroes with the higher grade will possess a greater Might stats which means more power. With this information, you can always be reminded and motivated to collect more medals for your Heroes so you can also improve the medals.

You can visit this tab any time you want but it’s suggested to check it regularly. Checking is also a must when you’re planning an invasion so you can evaluate how prepared your kingdom. This way, you can find aspects which you should enhance and work on.

lords mobile builgings Guide

Lords Mobile Building Guide: Castle

In the Lords Mobile Gameplay, Castle is one of the basic buildings yet the most important one. Along with the Castle, there are also other basic buildings including the Infirmary, Castle Wall, Vault, Barracks, and Watchtower. Here is what you should know about the Castle in Lords Mobile so you can improve your play:


You can definitely upgrade your Castle to gain advantages for your kingdom. First, by upgrading Castle, you’ll be able to unlock other new buildings as well as their specific features. Second, by upgrading the Castle regularly, it’s potentially possible for you to earn resource more depending on the current stats. Third, you can also extend the maximum level of your buildings and so the other buildings’ progress would depend on the upgrades you’ve performed for your Castle. The last but not least, by upgrading your Castle, it will enhance the maximum number of soldiers you may have for your kingdom in the Lords Mobile gameplay.

At this point, Castle plays a central role in developing your kingdom especially when it’s highly related to other building and your armies for sure. That’s why it should be on your top priority as you’re going to spend resources to upgrade the building. In other hands, getting a higher level of Castle also expose your leader to captures and execution by other players.

2.Seeing Stats

Castle is pretty much like your “dashboard” building as you can use the Castle to see the stats of other elements by simply clicking your Castle in the gameplay. You can see the stats of your resources, soldiers, and of course, your Wall. As you’ve seen it provides you with vital information regarding the capacity of your kingdom to defend itself at the general. You can use this information to make a tactical decision regarding these elements.

3.Upgrade The Appearance

Despite upgrading by leveling up to get a higher stat, you can also upgrade the appearance of your Castle by applying skins. As you’ve increased your soldier’s stats or when you’ve significantly enhanced your resource productions in a period of time, you can get the skins as they give. If you want the skins so badly but don’t get it yet, you can simply purchase it through in-game store for sure. However, applying skins only change the Castle’s appearance but won’t provide any benefits like in the first point.